Richards Middle School hosts Warrior Success celebration

Richards Middle School hosts Warrior Success celebration

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Students and teachers Richards Middle School held their Warrior Success Celebration on Friday.

They spotlighted 21 Spanish speaking countries with a market-style atmosphere. Students received a fake passport to go around the different booths on a scavenger hunt.

We talked to Lorre Lix from the school on why they are doing this.

"This is our Latino Festival, and it's part of our international baccalaureate," said Lix. "We have Spanish as our second language here and so we're celebrating all the 21 Spanish-speaking countries. This is really important to the students because it inspires them to achieve and work hard in school, and they're celebrated for their hard work."

Booths at the festival represented the different countries with food samples, Hispanic music, sombreros, and even a piƱata.

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