St. Francis, Columbus Clinic announce partnership

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A major hospital in Columbus is partnering with another health organization to better treat sickness.

St. Francis Hospital and the Columbus Clinic announced a partnership Monday March 31.

St. Francis says the collaboration will speed up patient care by eliminating duplicated treatments, including diagnostic testing.

Robert Granger, the president and CEO of St. Francis, spoke to us about the partnership.

"Patients [are] gonna benefit by number one having an integrated medical program," he said. "Their primary care physician, their specialist and now their hospital are all gonna be on the same medical record. They're gonna be able to share information. They're not gonna have to duplicate lab work. If they get it done at one doctor's office they won't have to have it repeated at another because they're all gonna be in the same vicinity and be able to share those records working together."

The new partnership also gives Columbus Clinic physicians access to Mayo Clinic.

St. Francis joined the Mayo Clinic network back in November.

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