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Several days after a Columbus State University officer shot and killed a young man on the main campus, some are asking if campus officers should be allowed to carry weapons on campus. Tonight, we give you an EXCLUSIVE look inside the Georgia public safety training center in Columbus, as WTVM's Brittany Dionne goes through some of the training herself.

A grand jury in East Alabama has made their decision in an officer-involved shooting, leaving a 26-year-old man dead at a traffic stop last October in Barbour County. Tonight, hear the mayor's reaction on the grand jury's ruling. We'll also tell you what's next for the police chief, who's been on leave.

The iconic eagles perched on brick gates at Toomer's Corner in Auburn are being taken down...but only temporarily. We'll tell you what changes that pedestrians and drivers can expect during a big expansion of Samford Park in downtown Auburn, as Phase One of the construction project begins today.

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