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East Texas town recovering after storm rips through


The destruction is reminiscent of a town that has been hit by a bomb, as a small East Texas town of Birthright is flattened by last nights storm.

The town is north of Sulphur Springs, and a couple hundred people live there. The path of destruction went right through the center of town.

"As a community I think everyone is in shock here today. Most every business here in the small part of town has been effected or wiped out," says North Hopkins fire chief Craig Morgan.

Roofs were torn off, trees snapped or pulled out of the ground, in a storm that many say was one them before they knew it.

When I heard the sound, at first I thought it was hail but there was no roar, a crackling maybe. There was a tree down, no roof," says homeowner Jorene Orr.

There was hardly a building a business or home that wasn't affected.

Some, who had been watching our weather updates, took safety to heart.

"Thanks to all the weather forecasters who let us have advanced notice, I was in a safe room. But my daughter had damage to her place up the road, and my son lost his barn," Orr says.

Whole businesses were crushed. Even the school and the local fire department had structural damage.

"It's hard to describe what you see, because it's so hurtful," says neighbor Jomarie Neal.

"We're pretty confident that this was a tornado and not straight line winds," Morgan says.

The Red Cross is in town, providing food and shelter for everyone affected in Birthright.

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