WTVM 04/05/14 Editorial: Alabama Welfare Bill

(WTVM) - We applaud the Alabama Legislature for just creating, and passing a bill requiring welfare recipients to apply for three jobs prior to receiving benefits, and to keep looking for work even after receiving benefits.

This bill now goes to the Governor.

It makes sense for the taxpayers, and is not overly burdensome on welfare recipients.

Benefits should always be available to families who are struggling to create a short-term safety net until they can improve their situation, but the benefits should require at least the minimum effort from those receiving help.

Even better is the related bill that would provide new penalties for fraud, and prohibit the use of welfare benefit cards at liquor stores, bars, tattoo parlors, strip clubs and psychic networks.

Using benefits for such clearly inappropriate items is a slap to every taxpayer, and does nothing to help further anyone's job search.

Jobs are not easy to come by in our troubled economy, but there are jobs out there, and any position can lead to new and better opportunities.

The discipline of job hunting is not easy, but it is a valuable skill that can lead to a more hopeful future.

Mandating that Alabama welfare recipients look for work may be just the catalyst they need to find something that can change their lives for the better. No one should have to pay a psychic to tell them that.

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