Lady Cougars arrive in England

Lady Cougars arrive in England

by Chelsea Person

OXFORD, England - The journey across the Pond for the Lady Cougars began Sunday night as they packed up and headed to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Waiting for the flight brought about plenty of soccer-related activities entertaining onlookers, but provided more time to think for those antsy about the trip over the Atlantic.

"It's sad," said junior midfielder Courtney Jacquay. "The first time we flew was right after 9/11 so it always freaked me out. Not a big fan. Also we're going to be on this plane for nine hours or something like that and I'm terrified."

Don't worry, though. Everyone arrived in London in one piece.

"Oh, we were all holding-hands scared, terrified, and I slept about five hours of it," Jacquay said after landing. "That was nice, and then the turbulence woke me up and I was scared again. And I just popped in another movie, then I was back asleep again, so overall it was pretty good."

From there, it was off to the Spencer House in Oxford to set up shop for the next seven days. The Spencer House provides CSU students a great opportunity to study abroad, but 24 girls in one house will make things interesting.

"Well, it's going to be interesting seeing that there's 24 of us all in one house with very limited bathrooms," said sophomore defender Shelby Rolling. "There's not many plugs also and I know the girls are all about their cell phones and hair."

The Lady Cougars will head to Portsmouth on Tuesday to play in the first of their three games.