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Several Columbus churches target of vandalism spree


Church Pastors are reacting to a vandalism spree that targeted six separate churches in south Columbus.

Large rocks were thrown through the church's windows sometime between Saturday evening and Sunday morning. The person or people who did it seemed content to just break the glass and never made an attempt to get inside the buildings and take anything.

"We're somewhat concerned about that, because this doesn't happen on a regular basis on this large scale," says Pastor Chad Bryant of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church.

All of the crimes were discovered Sunday morning as congregations arrived for service. Every church on the list is located in south Columbus, but other than that, there doesn't appear to be anything that they all have in common to serve as a clear explanation for why they were targeted.

"Maybe they've got a vendetta against the churches. Maybe they think busting a window is going to stop God's work.  But it's not going to stop God's work. It still has to go on. This is just a building, but we are the church," says Pastor Chester Lewis from Crown of Glory Outreach.

Pastor Lewis points out that some of the churches are several miles apart from each other and the rocks used to break the windows didn't come from nearby.

"We don't know who it is, but if they hit six churches in this area, evidently, they weren't walking. They had to be in a vehicle, because the big bricks they were carrying were pretty large." 

The vandals visited churches on 8th St., Fort Benning Rd., Cusseta Rd., and Youmans St. It's a round trip distance of driving without getting out of the car that would take at least 20 minutes to cover.

For each window the churches had to replace cost them hundreds of dollars. That is money they won't be able to spend on their charity efforts or helping the community. 

If you have information about who may be responsible, you're encouraged to call Columbus Police.

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