What is Muscogee Co. School District doing to keep their schools safe?

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Twenty people in Franklin Regional High School in Pennsylvania were stabbed or injured by a 16 year old male student around 7:13 on Wednesday morning.

News Leader 9 spoke with Scott Thomann, security coordinator for the Muscogee County School District, to see what local schools are doing to keep their students and staff safe.

Authorities said the 16-year-old student has been arrested. Injured victims were stabbed in their torso, chest, abdomen as well as their back areas.

"Fortunately, we haven't had any lock downs since I've been working for the school district," Thomann said. "It's thanks to the relationship we have with law enforcement."

Thomann said the school district works closely with Columbus Police department, Muscogee County Sheriff's Office, and other law enforcement on daily basis.

Even though the school districts have been able to avoid dangerous situations like shooting and stabbing, Thoman said the schools still cannot let their guard down.

"Our schools are as safe as any other schools in America," Thomann said. "We learned that no place is safe anywhere nowadays. Churches are not safe either. However, we try to make our schools as safely as possible. We have drills and procedures we taught our students to do, in case there are emergencies."

The students are educated on fire drills as well as other drills to protect themselves from any danger.

"We have not had anyone come into our school with a knife or a gun to do any physical harm to student or staff," Thomann said. "Our schools have been very fortunate, and the staff continues to make sure we keep this good process going."

Thomann said the students are expected to hand their pocket knives or other dangerous tools to their teachers if they accidentally bring them to school.

"The kids occasionally bring knives to school," Thomann said. "In Muscogee County, we see kids bring their same book bag they used over the weekend from their camping trips and whatnot. When they bring the same back pack to school on Monday or Tuesday mornings, the students will bring their tools to the teachers right away."

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