ACT exams to replace old standardized tests in Alabama

(WTVM) - ACT tests are going to become the standard tests that all Alabama students take starting in the third grade.

The state department of education announced Wednesday the state is about to start full implementation of the exams, replacing all of the other standardized tests.

The ACT tests are designed to be trackable so parents could see their child's progress in an easy format.

Alabama is actually the first state in the country to use this new testing package.

"It gives us for the first time in the state of Alabama tests that are aligned, that speak to one another," said Dr. Tommy Bice, Alabama Superintendent of Education. "In the past we had the Alabama Reading and Math Test, we had the Alabama Science Assessment, we had the Alabama High School Graduation Exam and all three of them were independent of one another and really weren't aligned."

All student data will be the property of Alabama; the ACT will not be allowed to access it.

The new tests will also be entirely new and different than those used previously under AYP and aren't designed to be compared across schools and districts.

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