Scholarship awarded to 3 students in Chattahoochee Valley

Scholarship awarded to 3 students in Chattahoochee Valley

(WTVM) - Three local college students who work at McDonalds were rewarded for their hard work with a scholarship on Thursday.

Courtnie Chisolm, Javoris Morgan and Parys Lipscomb were all awarded the $2,000 scholarship to help pay for their education.

It's all part of the Pezold Management Company's Scholarship granted to outstanding McDonald's employees.

Jack Pezold, the owner and operator of several McDonalds in the valley, gave out the awards today, explaining why these three students deserve the money.

"We look at that Generation X and generation Y or whatever and these are these young people really need to be commended because not only are they working and usually they're not working full-time but the working 20 or 25 hours a week," said Pezold.

Each recipient received a $1,000 check today, and they will receive the other half of their scholarship during their next semester.

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