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LaGrange convenience store raises controversy with sign featuring gay slur


A derogatory sign with a gay slur written in big red letters has been removed from the window of a LaGrange convenience store, but tempers are still high.

"That's very wrong. People should be able to do what they want to do. We live in America, don't we?" store customer Dee Ervin complains.

The store Manager of PCA Food Store in Troup County says he is fed up with disrespectful customers exposing themselves inside the store.

"One guy came into my store, and his pants were so low, his private part was hanging out," Store manager Anil Patel says.

The controversial style, where pants are worn low on the hip often times exposing their underwear, has gained national attention throughout the years. Patel says he's warned customers before.

"It seems like they are ignoring the signs," says Patel.

He first put up a sign that says: "No shoes! No shirt! Pants up! No Service!" He says customers ignored that sign, and made one which uses a gay slur. 

 The sign has offended some, but he says he's happy it finally caught their attention.

"No respect? I'm giving you respect. I'm giving you courtesy, and I'm giving you a service, but you have no respect for anybody else or your community," says Patel.

However, Patel also caught the attention of a woman named Amy Simpson.

"I'm very Upset. I'm enraged," Simpson declares.

Simpson says she plans to take action against the store, and Patel. She vows to never shop at the small corner store again.

Patel says he has no problem losing customers, because he believes in his sign.

"No, not at all. I asked all my customers. I told them, 'Do you have any problems with this sign?' Because I have a problem with it. I feel personally offended," Patel comments.

Some agree with Patel's sign.

"I'm not offended. I mean, other people still come here, and they're are not offended," customer Nikisha Grier says.

Patel says he plans to make bumper stickers to sell in part for charity. He says he removed the sign at the request of his father who owns the store.

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