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Neighbor helps family to safety during house fire


Six people are without a home after a house fire broke out at 8:30 Monday morning on 19th Street in Phenix City.

The homeowner said she was at work when the fire started, but her family was home. Her husband and daughter tried throwing buckets of water on the flames and when that didn't work they got out.

"I was over next door at one of my tenants house, checking on him and I heard a commotion," said neighbor Richard Dansby.

Dansby smelled smoke and ran to help. He went to the middle room where the fire started and found the grandmother, too scared to leave. Dansby guided her out, and then went back for her caged dog.

"No, the dog didn't make it. It was no way, the smoke was so bad when I went in there, I mean it was unbelievable," Dansby said. "I mean there was no way you could see anything."

Emergency crews arrived and put the fire out. The American Red Cross also responded and is assisting the family.

A representative says nothing in the home is salvageable. Their priority now is helping the family get back on their feet, starting with a pair of shoes.

When asked whether he felt like a Good Samaritan today Dansby said, "as long as somebody's got by and living...yeah."

Residents believe the fire was caused by faulty electrical wires. However, there is no official word yet on a possible cause.

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