Absolutely Alabama: Stills Crossroads Alabama Shine

BULLOCK COUNTY, AL (WXTX) - They've been making it in south Bullock County for as long as anyone can remember.

But now-a-days there's a big difference: the beverage they're brewing at Stills Crossroads is legal, and the label carries a name that's Absolutely Alabama.

Working in Jamey Ray's chosen profession calls for some long days and sometimes nights.

"This is our bulk tank," said Jamey. "Tonight I'll check the proof on it and ah, ah once I have the proof measured I'll dilute it down in our bottling tank to bottle again tomorrow."

Simply put, Jamey is a moonshiner for Stills Crossroads Alabama Shine for High Ridge Spirits.

"I've been working in craft beer for 22 years," Jamey said. "I came out here, ah, ah look in for a place for my wife's horses and we found this lil place, sandy soil. I was just thinkin' well what in the world can you do at Still's Cross Roads? And at some point it dawned on me well I ought a make moonshine like everyone else."

That sandy soil, which is a natural filter for the water in Bullock County, is one of the reasons moon shining has always been part of the culture here.

"We have the best water in the state here so that's a big reason for do in this," Jamey said. "This area has a long history of producing you know? Some of the best whiskey in the whole region."

Not that Jamey's Alabama Shine or at least the way he makes it has met with universal acceptance from some of the old timers

"I hear all the time that we're take in a lot different approach to things," Jamey said. "We're not carrying in carry-in sacks through the woods. They still appreciate the fact you can you can taste a good a good rye character in our product and that kind of follows through with the local tradition. I think it's expert approved."

It's also approved by the law which can't be said about all the shine that's ever been made around here.

"Moonshine? Naw but I have been known in about moonshine for quite a time in my life," Jamey said.

Raycom reporter Fred Hunter asked, this is not the first moonshine's ever been made in Bullock County?

"No. Not legal," Jamey replied.

Fred asked, you don't have to worry too much about the revenuers show in up here?

"Ah, no. Actually they do show up," Jamey explained. "They show up all the time. Take some pictures. Stuff like that."

Here in south Bullock County the spirits are practically a spiritual experience.

"There's so few jobs in Bullock county according to economic development office here one job in Bullock County has the economic impact of like 27 jobs in Montgomery County so every little big helps so we just want a grow it and employ as many people around here as we can," Jamey said.

Unless you just dropped in from another planet it should come as no surprise this is not the first shine to come out of this part of the country, and the old timers might say there are some differences.

But the big difference is this stuff is legal and it's Absolutely Alabama.

For more information about High Ridge Spirits, visit their official website and Facebook page.

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