Sinkhole repair underway at Blanchard Elementary

Blanchard Elementary School. Source:
Blanchard Elementary School. Source:

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Officials at Blanchard Elementary School are repairing a sinkhole that developed in the school's front parking lot. The sinkhole was discovered when the front right wheel of teacher's car fell in the 5 to 6 foot deep hole.

"We have repair crews on the scene," says Valerie Fuller, Muscogee county Communication Director. "They've been working since this morning to get the situation repaired. We anticipate it's gonna take at least the rest of the week until the repairs are finished."

We're told the sinkhole was caused by erosion. No injuries were reported.

The front parking lot will be closed until further notice. It will likely be closed for the remainder of the week.

Until the hole is repaired, the arrival and dismissal process will operate as follows:

Arrival - Students who are normally dropped off in the main parking lot will have to be dropped off in the bus loop. Parents should plan to leave home earlier until the repair is complete to minimize issues with drop off or pick-up.

Tardies - Will not be counted until the car line is gone in the morning, so it is important that no one compromise the safety of children by letting them exit the car anywhere except by the sidewalk in the bus loop.

Dismissal – The back path and front walk-up will remain the same.  Bus riders will start loading buses at 2:15 rather than 2:25. Car riders will be delayed by 10 minutes to 2:40 and will be dismissed from the bus loop. Cars may not enter the bus loop until 2:40 to allow clearance of the buses; this will minimize any hold up for parents waiting in line.  The school dismissal will continue in the bus loop until 3:00 p.m. After that, all remaining students will go to the office to wait for their rides. 

The normal routine will resume once the repair is completed.

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