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Councilman Reed calls for citywide summit to combat violence

Sidney Reed hospitalized after being stabbed. Sidney Reed hospitalized after being stabbed.

Violence in Cleveland hit home at city hall. Councilman Zack Reed's cousin was stabbed multiple times and is in the hospital.

It's fueled the councilman's attack on violence in Cleveland.

Zack Reed says street violence won't stop until the people with money invest in other parts of Cleveland not just downtown.

Tuesday afternoon another body was discovered on the east side of Cleveland behind several vacant buildings and an auto body shop.

Councilman Reed knows the east side, and jobs and capital investments are not flowing in like they are in downtown Cleveland.

"You have to have a full scale conversation on what's going on here. If you can continue to build up downtown but still have these problems outside of downtown that's not enough." said Councilman Zack Reed of Ward 2.

Downtown is where the private money is being invested. Its now one of the safest places  in Cleveland. 

Last Friday Reed's 26-year-old cousin Sidney Reed was stabbed multiple times at an apartment complex.

Police have charged Donnie Keith with felonious assault in connection to the stabbing. 

Councilman Reed is now calling for a city-wide summitt.  

"Everybody has to go to work. If we can get these people to work we know one thing people that work don't commit to many crimes. Why? Cause they are to tired. They know they have to get up and go to work in the morning," Councilman Reed said.

Zack Reed says his cousin is doing better and thanks everyone for their prayers.  

Next week Councilman Reed continues his attack on violence in Cleveland at a community meeting on Friday.

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