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Military Matters: "Hop to the Tanks" food drive for Battle Buddy Resource Center


You may think that military families get all the benefits of being employed by the government, but they too can go hungry without the help of others.

You've seen food drives like this at other times of the year like Christmas and Thanksgiving, but it's important to know that the calendar means nothing to a hungry child or family. 

That's why the Army's 3rd Brigade Combat Team set up in front of the Commissary to collect items for the Battle Buddy Resource Center (BBRC), Fort Benning's food pantry.   

Nicole Hintay heads up that organization.   

"A lot of our military installations don't have this opportunity, so to get bigger would be even widespread, to go to Fort Campbell, to go, you know, to other bases that are out there," Hintay says.

The Brigade has done this before, last November in fact, when it collected thousands of pounds of non-perishable food items at Kelley Hill.

CPT Gina Addison is in charge of these events. But why the Commissary?

"Why not? It's a perfect place, and plus if we just did it on Kelley Hill it just limits us to Kelley Hill. This way, we can get the whole Fort Benning involved," Addison says.  

Organizers were hoping to bring a tank and a Bradley fighting vehicle out to the Fort Benning Commissary to attract a crowd. The weather didn't cooperate, but the 3rd Brigade persevered nonetheless.

SFC Steve Gonzalez is among those giving back, and when you want to know why, he sums it up in one sentence.

"It's important to take care of our own, because at the end of the day, they take care of us as well," says Gonzalez.

The Battle Buddy Resource Center provides relief to Fort Benning individuals and families in crisis by connecting them with the resources they need, including emergency food supplies. The program is part of the Chaplains ministry, and is completely confidential. For more information, contact the BBRC at 706-545-4119, or visit them on Facebook.  

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