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Tuition on the rise again at Columbus State University


For the third straight year, tuition is going up by 2.5 percent for universities in the University System of Georgia.

Columbus State University is one of the 27 institutions on that list, and reactions about the constant increases at CSU are mixed.

"We're paying for a product," says CSU student Ryan Branch. "So, I don't mind when a new product comes out, and it's more expensive than the old one. But that also means that the new product had better bring some new things."

Another student, Jamear Jackson, says "I'm totally against it."

Whether for or against the ruling, CSU tuition will increase for a third year by 2.5 percent for in and out-of-state students.

John Lester, a CSU spokesperson, explains, "For the average undergraduate student, that would mean about four dollars increase per credit hour."

This Raises the rates from $165 in 2014 to $169 per credit hour in 2015.

CSU is one of more than two dozen state colleges and universities receiving an increase ranging 2.5 to 9 percent from the University System of Georgia.

John Brown, Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs, says the state wide increases will maintain the balance between the institutions and state. He adds, "Our differential tuition strategy gives us the flexibility to set tuition at rates that ensure our institutions can fulfill their instructional mission, but also address the affordability concerns of students and parents, particularly at our access institutions."

And though students tell us they are grateful the increase isn't as significant as some of the bigger schools in the state, one student says every little bit hurts.

"True, four dollars is not a lot, but when you keep continuing to add that on, it's just the principal basically. It's the principal," Jackson says.

According to a press release issued by the University System of Georgia, the additional funding will go towards developing free textbooks at universities.

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