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California drought hits Arizonans in wallet


A professor at ASU put numbers together that show the drought could cost you 20 to 30 percent more for some of your favorite produce.

Ginny Mertens puts a lot of thought into what she throws in her shopping cart, especially the prices.

"I try and do what I can for my kids and my grandkids," she said.

News that produce prices will be going up has her feeling a little green.

"It's going to put in dent in budgets for people who are on budgets," she said.

The ASU professor says with California experiencing one of the worst droughts on record, you can expect to see a shorter supply of fruits and vegetables and, therefore, higher prices.

Rob Johnson with Basha's Supermarkets agrees.

"The drought in California is going to affect produce prices, some more than others," said Johnson.

Johnson says desert-grown items will go up later this year.

"Things that come from the Fresno area, avocados, which are in season now through August, will be impacted if the summer turns out to be hot and dry," said Johnson.

Johnson says peppers, melons and lettuce will also cost more. Prices for items grown on the coast, like berries and grapes, will also go up, but not until next year.

"The season has already been made for those.  They had enough rain, they did OK.  Those things are going to be in abundance and won't be impacted too badly," said Johnson.

Mertens hopes prices won't go up too much because she's already struggling to make ends meet.

"Hopefully I can work it in within the budget. So most likely fruits and vegetables are number one, so I'll have to cut somewhere else," said Johnson.

Arizonans are also likely to see more produce from places like Chile or Mexico since those items will be cheaper.

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