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SPECIAL REPORT: Hookup Generation

Six Millennials ranging from college students to professionals in the Chattahoochee Valley say dating can be tough. Six Millennials ranging from college students to professionals in the Chattahoochee Valley say dating can be tough.

Committed relationships or no strings attached?

According to Clinical Psychologist and Co-owner of E-harmony Neil Clark Warren, 50 percent of single people say they haven't been on a date in at least two years. Recent studies suggest the millennial generation is no longer interested in finding long-term love, earning them the title "the hook up generation".

In this WTVM special report, News Leader 9's Brittany Dionne met with singles from across the Chattahoochee Valley aged 22 to 28 to find out how they navigate the world of hook up dating.

Six Millennials ranging from college students to professionals in the Chattahoochee Valley say dating can be tough.

"It's really tough finding the person that's right for you because there are so many different things that you have to choose between and you have to be careful that you find the right person," says Norman Hardman, 25.

"A lot of girls, they are losing their standards and they're saying yes to these for anything. They ask and then when a girl comes around and she actually has standards and she says no, I'm not going to do that, they run away to the first thing that says yes," says Chatil Bradford, 22.

Studies say gone are the days of once upon a time. Welcome to Millennial no strings attached dating. It's heavy between the sheets and in technology, yet light on commitment and consistency. So we set out to see if this theory reigns true in the Chattahoochee Valley.

"There's definitely a lot of hookups."

"It has caused our generation to lose commitment, no one can commit to anybody."

"And that's the dynamic of how dating is going," says Terrance Smith, 28.

"I think a lot of it is the blurred lines, like music. I feel like it's nothing but girls in no clothes in music videos and the lyrics that they are saying...So it's more acceptable," says Tesia Reed, 24.

"With the whole relationship thing, you're like we don't know. It's like, 'Are we?', 'No?' I think that it causes us to lose commitment. I agree with her, the technology thing, I think it's just...It has become a handicap for communication," says Desiree Strickland, 25.

These days it may seem as if everyone has a cell phone glued to the side of their face. Or, they are seriously focused on the latest text or apps.  Technology definitely plays new role in how Millennials get to know one another.

"A lot of difficulties with social networking, I think it's had a huge impact on dating. I think it's kind of taken away from some of it because you don't meet people the same way anymore. It's not really very natural," says Corey Greer, 27.

"I'm one of those people, I'm going to Google you. I hate to sound like a stalker but the first time I meet you I'm going to Google you. You might be an ex-con that I don't know. Facebook tells a lot!"

"The way you communicate evolves with technology. I was talking with my dad the other day and I said, it's amazing how hard it is these days to get someone's attention these days because, everyone is a multi-tasker."

"Unless we are in a serious relationship, don't touch my phone and I won't touch yours."

But according to this group of singles in the Chattahoochee Valley there are some things that are still meaningful. Although traditional forms of dating seem to have diminished slightly, everyone we spoke with says chivalry is still the way to a woman's heart.

"People always say chivalry is dead, I say it's not. I make sure that if I'm talking with someone, I go the extra mile."

"I think it would be sweet if a guy would pick flowers. I know it sounds cheesy, but they're taking their time."

"He does the extra little things, the flowers, the good morning text, the cute stuff"

"I've gotten out of my car before and closed my door, and waited for her to get out of the car and she's still sitting there. I was like, 'Oh.' It's not as in saying, 'I forgot', it's like I didn't think she expected it. But women still expect that and I still like doing it."

And it appears these Millennials still want romance, love, and longevity, and not just a hook-up.

Others say paying bills and never expecting a woman to pick up the tab are essential to dating. Several of the people we interviewed have decided to wait until marriage to have sex - find out how their religious beliefs play a role in how they date in the online-only web extra.

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