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Gilbert decides against BMX Supercross facility

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The Town of Gilbert has decided to not move forward on plans for a USA BMS Supercross facility.

A spokesperson for the Town of Gilbert announced on Thursday that it has decided to focus on other elements of the parks and recreation master plan before committing to the development of the BMX facility.

"The highest priority, at this time, for me as mayor, is addressing the needs of our parks system in South Gilbert. Although a BMX facility is a part of the master plan, and would bring substantial recreational, economic and tourism benefits to the community, we believe there are other parks-related needs that require our attention first," Gilbert Mayor John Lewis said in a statement. "Once we have developed a more specific plan for South Gilbert, I'd welcome the opportunity to revisit this potential project."

Earlier this month, it was inside a city council meeting where developers laid out the details of the plan.

Supporters said the facility would attract tourists from all over the country bringing millions of dollars in revenue.

Those opposed are concerned about increased noise and traffic in the area. The main issue for most came down to money.

The total cost of the BMX facility is estimated to be close to $35 million.

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