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Americus runner back in Boston

Charlene Pennymon, Americus runner Charlene Pennymon, Americus runner

One of the thousands of runners participating in the marathon today comes from Southwest Georgia, Charlene Pennymon. She's returning to Boston to beat her current record but also give hope to others. 

It was April 15, 2013, when Americus runner, Charlene Pennymon had just crossed the finish line and with only a few moments to celebrate her victory, a loud boom shook the streets of Boston.

"Then we heard the second one and something was just a little...we knew it wasn't right," Pennymon recalls.

Chaos was born. And one year after the tragedy, Pennymon says she's ready to go back. She feels this is the time when the running community needs to stand together. Pennymon returns because of her passion and kicks fear to the side.

"People see that you're still strong that you're not afraid when such terrible things like this happens," Pennymon said. "You just keep going forward."

Running isn't just a sport, for her, its a way of life.

"You and nature and out here with the Lord, talking to yourself, and its just a relaxing exercise to do," Pennymon said.

She started out as a speed walker, then a trotter and now, she competes in one of the biggest marathons in the nation.

It's the help from family and those in southwest Georgia that has gotten her this far.

"I'm just thanking everybody again," Pennymon said. "Because I couldn't do it without all the support I receive."

From what Pennymon tells WALB started out as just a speed walker, then that developed a trot and now, she's competing. She says she's looking forward to breaking her 2013 record of 3 hours, 53 minutes and 8 seconds.

The Americus runner not only radiates energy but is full of strength, ready to tackle the next big thing.


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