Couples challenge Georgia’s gay marriage ban

Couples challenge Georgia’s gay marriage ban

ATLANTA, GA (WTVM) - Seven people have filed a federal lawsuit challenging the state of Georgia's ban on gay marriage.

Lambda Legal filed the lawsuit Tuesday, going after the state registrar, the clerk of Gwinnett County Probate Court and a Fulton County Probate Court judge.

Shane Thomas, who is part of the lawsuit, has two daughters. He says his life is just as ordinary as heterosexual couples.

"Our everyday life is extraordinarily ordinary," Thomas said. "I think people would be shocked at just how ordinary our lives are but when we have an opportunity to step forward and to be heard and to be leaders on this issue, it was important to us to take that opportunity."

In 2004 Georgia voters approved a constitutional ban on gay marriage. It was challenged in courts, but the state supreme court ruled in 2006 that the vote was valid.

Gay marriage is now legal in 17 states.

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