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Your Voice, Your Vote: U.S. Senate (GA)

Branko “Dr. Rad” Radulovacki Branko “Dr. Rad” Radulovacki
Steen Miles Steen Miles
Todd Robinson Todd Robinson
Michelle Nunn (Photo source: Michelle Nunn (Photo source:
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The race for U.S. Senate in Georgia heats up as four democratic candidates campaign for that seat.

News Leader 9's Roslyn Giles talked one-on-one with the hopefuls about some hot topics in this week's Your Voice, Your Vote 2014.

We spoke with Branko "Dr. Rad" Radulovacki, Steen Miles, and Todd Robinson about three key issues including gay marriage and medicinal marijuana.

If you are having trouble seeing the video link above, you can watch it on our YouTube channel at this link.

Candidate Michelle Nunn was unavailable for interview, but she submitted her responses to the following questions: 

What are your thoughts on using medical marijuana for medicinal purposes in the state of Georgia?

I am not for legalizing marijuana, but I am open to exceptions for treatment of very serious illnesses like cancer if it's shown to be medically effective.

With the percentage of gay marriage supporters in polls increasing across the country, where do you see the future of legalized gay marriage in Georgia?

Marriage has traditionally been decided by the states, and I support that process.  In addition to being a legal commitment, marriage is also a sacrament.  I would oppose any proposal that required a church to act outside its beliefs.  Personally, I believe that all Americans should have the opportunity to share in the commitment and responsibility that my husband and I have shared for the past 12 years.

If elected, what will be the first issue you will tackle within the first 100 days in office?

As I travel across the state and talk to Georgians, I hear three chief concerns everywhere I go: people want jobs, they want us to address the long-term debt, and they want their children to have a high quality education that prepares them for a twenty-first century economy.  As Senator, these would be my priorities upon being elected by the voters of Georgia.

The primary will be held on May 20.

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