WTVM 4/25/14 Editorial: Understanding Georgia’s new gun law

WTVM 4/25/14 Editorial: Understanding Georgia’s new gun law

(WTVM) - Georgia's new gun law made national headlines for being one of the most permissive state gun laws in the nation.

Supporters call it the "safe carry law" but critics call it the "guns everywhere law." Like most things, the truth lies somewhere in between.

To really understand what the law allows and doesn't allow in a wide variety of situations, we urge you to read a summary of the law on our website and decide for yourself.

The fact is, Georgia's gun law does not allow guns everywhere and it does not take Georgia back to the days of the Wild West.

The law spells out exactly when guns can be carried into certain public places, and who can carry one.

It's a very specific list, with plenty of restrictions. For instance, the law does not suddenly allow guns in every school.

If a school board decides to allow a licensed gun owner to bring a gun on school premises, there must be prior written permission, extensive training and a requirement that a locked compartment be used for transport of the firearm.

The law does not allow guns in every church.

Only licensed gun owners with valid carry permits might be allowed to have a firearm, but only if the church allows it.

One local pastor, the Reverend Chuck Hasty of First Presbyterian Church, says there is no place for guns in a sanctuary.

In both these cases, law-abiding gun owners still have plenty of hoops to jump through to bring in a gun.

In all situations, the gun owner must be licensed and have a valid permit to carry a weapon.

Yet we know the bad guys follow no laws when it comes to guns; none.

So, Governor Deal may be right to say this law gives added protections to those who have played by the rules – and who can now better protect themselves from those who don't play by the rules.

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