CSU students clean up Lindsey Creek

CSU students clean up Lindsey Creek

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The banks of one creek in the Fountain City are now cleaner thanks to students at Columbus State University.

Students for a Sustainable World and other volunteers teamed up Friday morning for the clean-up of Lindsey creek.

The event was moved to this Friday because of rainy weather last week.

Troy Keller, associate professor in environment science at CSU, spoke to us about the effort.

"I think the main thing that we have found is that the stuff that's in the creek isn't what people have thrown into the creek but it's what people may drop alongside the roads and the parking lots and it washes into our local creeks," said Keller. "We have to realize that all of this stuff is connected via water so we have to be real careful about where we put our materials. Make sure that we're disposing of them properly."

During the cleanup they found all types of plastics, aluminum cans, electronic devices, even a few needles, pants and various clothing items.

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