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Columbus e-cigarette shop owner weighs in on new regulations


The Food and Drug Administrationis making another attempt at regulating electronic cigarettes and other tobaccoproducts.

News Leader 9's BrittanyDionne spoke with the owner of Vapor Craft in Columbus, who says he welcomesthe regulations but does have some concerns.

Erik Anderson, owner of electroniccigarette shop Vapor Craft and self proclaimed enthusiast, says business isbooming.

"We are thrilled thatso many people are making the decision to come off of traditional tobaccoproducts because we have a chance to make Columbus a smoke free and tobaccofree community," Anderson said.

E-cigarettes providenicotine to the user as a vapor. When heated, the liquid in a nicotinecartridge turns into a vapor that's inhaled. The Federal Drug Administration isworking to air out the currently unregulated industry.

"Right now it's the WildWest, anything goes. If you make it you can put it out on the market and youcan sell it," said Anderson.  

Georgia already has an 18and older regulation in place... 

The FDA is proposing agerestrictions, nicotine addiction warming labels, ingredient registration, andno free samples become nationwide law.

Anderson says he agreeswith parts of the proposal.

"We already sell toonly 18-plus and we mix in an approved mixing facility or what we project willbe an approved mixing facility," he said.

In what looks like achemistry lab, they mix their own e- liquids.

"We do handle liquidnicotine products," Anderson said. "What we do in our food safe room, is wemake what we call premix here and that is all the ingredients with nicotinewith a high concentration of flavoring."

Anderson believes federalregulations will help legitimize the industry-- aligning them with restaurantchains and package stores..

But he does have concerns.

"I'm personallyopposed to any crazy fees that might be added on to this," Anderson said. "Idon't think that there should be a large amount added on. You shouldn't have tobe rich to make e-liquid."

The sell of e-cigarettes to minors in Georgia is already againstthe law. House Bill 251 defines alternative nicotine products and prohibits thesale of nicotine products, including e-cigarettes, to minors. Senate Bill 347prohibits the sale as well.

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