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Are the 'Zoomies' compact binoculars a clear buy?

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Growing up as a child I lived along the Kentucky banks of the Ohio River. I have countless memories of those days, including the breathtaking sunsets that lit up the sky with the most brilliant colors, and one of my fondest, my Dad with his face glued to a pair of binoculars inspecting everything he could that was going on along the river and its banks!

Binoculars are a wonderful invention. The ability to turn normal vision into eagle eyes in an instant! But they are often big and bulky and just a pain to carry around. Now, there may be another answer. And that answer is the 'Zoomies'. They're compact, hands free, high powered binoculars you wear just like sun glasses. This week I'm going to 'Try It Before You Buy It!'

"Introducing Zoomies, the compact hands free high powered binoculars you wear like sunglasses! Zoomies gives you instant 300 percent magnification that brings everything up close!"

That line grabbed my attention immediately when I first saw the 'Zoomies' commercial on TV. I actually laughed out loud when I saw it for the first time. So I just had to get my hands on a pair to test out, or rather have viewers test them out for me!

The 'Zoomies' appear to be a regular pair of glasses, however, they have two sets of lenses. The first set of lenses are stationary while the second set of lenses on top, adjust via small knobs on both sides, to move out or in to focus on whatever you may be looking at.

I took the 'Zoomies' binocular glasses down to 4th Street Live on a sunny afternoon with hopes of getting people to test them out for me and then let me know their impressions. Michael was the first person that came along and agreed to give the 'Zoomies' a try.

"They're not super clear, but they're useful. I mean, they definitely bring objects that are you know, further out in the distance, a little bit into focus."

Ok, Michael thought they were 'useful', but what about others? So my quest continued to get additional opinions.

I met two ladies who were busy having a quick smoke break from their work. Ashley and Kathy looked like the perfect test subjects! After I persuaded them to try out the binocular glasses, they weren't very impressed with the 'Zoomies.'

Kathy tried them on and after a minute declared, "they're still blurry, I don't like 'em." So, I turned to Ashley to get her opinion. After getting familiar with how the 'Zoomies' worked, Ashley exclaimed, "I mean they work, but they're not very attractive." The lack of attractiveness was the final straw for these girls. Neither said they would pay the $12 for the product, but may reconsider if they were redesigned and made to look a little more attractive.

So, for the 'Zoomies', are they a thumbs up or a thumbs down? Two out of my three testers gave them the thumbs down.

Personally, I wasn't impressed either. I found the 'Zoomies' to be fine if you are looking for a funny gag gift for someone. But for me, I think I'll stick with regular binoculars, which work fine and aren't that unattractive!

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