Residents seek shelter after Alabama homes destroyed by storm

East Alabama mobile homes upturned by storm

SALEM, AL (WTVM) - Families in Alabama are digging through the destruction of what's left of their homes. One trailer park in Lee County was hit hard by the storm.

Our new crews on the scene spoke to some residents who say they are lucky to be alive, but they are still frightened by the experience.

There were 12 homes in the Baker Mobile Home Park that were hit hard during the storm. Some mobile homes were lifted up and thrown on top of other residences. A tornado is reported to have crossed over Highway 169.

Four homes were destroyed at the Johnson Estates, and there are some homes in the Haley Woods subdivision that were also damaged during the storm. Trees and power lines in the area have fallen down.

The Red Cross has responded to the area and has not yet completed its assessment. People who have been displaced by the storm can find the Red Cross at the Crawford Baptist Church on Highway 80 to seek help and shelter.

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