Lee County family thankful to be unhurt after severe weather

Lee County family thankful to be unhurt after severe weather

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - A family in the Haley Woods subdivision along Highway 169 in Lee County said Tuesday's severe storm shook them and their house to the core.

News Leader 9's Elizabeth White spoke with the family, who tells us they are still holding on.

The mother of the Bounds family said 20-year-old son Jacob alerted them that the tornado was coming and told them to get into her bedroom closet.

"It certainly scared me half to death, feeling the pressure and with the wind I thought it was pulling the house up, but when I got out I was like wow it's still here," said another family member.

At 3:27 a.m. Central Time, a suspected tornado was spotted near Society Hill, 12 miles south of Auburn. This storm did little damage.

A second suspected twister hit the ground shortly after, heading for Smiths Station, cutting a path of destruction and damage.

"I was like oh no, and I ducked into my closet to take cover," said a resident.

Dozens of homes and mobile homes were leveled, trees snapped like toothpicks, roofs blown away, and at least one family, a grandmother and her grand-children, were pulled from the rubble.

"We had one family trapped under a caved in roof, they were rescued and sent to the hospital with minor injuries," said Sheriff Jay Jones with the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

Jacob pointed out to us where their shed used to stand.

"This is where our shed once was on the concrete blocks, and it flew it all the way over there," Jacob explained. Looking at his shed, he thinks about what could have happened.

The first wave of this system is over, but the Bounds family is still clinging to one another.

There is massive cleanup underway in Haley Woods Subdivision in Salem, Alabama, but residents say the damage can be repaired. What cannot be replaced is human life and tonight residents here are just thankful there are no reports of severe injuries or fatalities.

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