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EF2 Tornado sweeps through Troup County


Some property owners on Highway 27 north of LaGrange in Troup County saw no ill effects from the EF2 tornado with 120 m.p.h. winds that touched down just after 7 p.m. Monday.

Other houses were surrounded by large fallen trees.

It's a perfect example of the irrational nature of tornadoes.

The land surrounding the Georgia Forestry Commission looked like a tree farm after the harvest.

Those crews are used to responding to disasters, but it is less common for the disasters to come to them.

They have plenty of experience with disposing of fallen trees, but it is usually part of a strategy to control a wild fire. 

Further down the road, a storage building belonging to R.J. Rowe was lifted up and smashed to pieces, but the contents inside remained untouched. 

Pieces of the building could be found in the branches of nearby trees.  Meanwhile, stacks of odds and ends in the shape of the missing building appear very out of place in the field without the enclosure.

"It didn't blow everything in the middle of the highway. It just left it where it was.  Maybe moved it two or three feet, but basically didn't move it.  The Lord blessed me! The Lord is on my side.  He didn't let anything happen to me and my wife.  He didn't let anything happen down there.  All I can say is, the Lord has blessed me," said R.J. Rowe.

Electricity and utilities are still out for a large part of the surrounding area, and crews don't see a major change in that condition until Wednesday at the soonest.

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