Absolutely Alabama: Overall Company in Opelika

OPELIKA, AL (WXTX) - With a long cold winter behind us and warmer days finally here, we all have something to celebrate.

It's time to kick back and relax!

This week we take a look at the perfect place in Opelika to sip a cup of coffee, or enjoy a popsicle while sharing stories. Of course, that place is Absolutely Alabama.

"What I saw about this place is the ability to revitalize small downtowns across our state and really the Southeast," said Ty Maloney.

This is a story about all things Southern, like conversation and coffee and overalls.

"All meaningful conversations happen at the table," said Ty.

"Our vision is to build community and celebrate people," added Ali Maloney.

"You have to build a community first. It's not just about making the buildings look cool and it's not about aesthetics, it's about building a place where people want to be," Ty said.

The story of how two young couples came together to mix coffee and frozen treats to create not just a business, but an environment, is the really cool part of this mixture.

"My husband and I are from Florence, went to high school together," said Ali Maloney. "High school sweet hearts and then, ah, he came to Auburn to play football so I followed him here and here we are today.

"We were mentored by a family here and we both had that in common, the two couples and it was kind of one of those things that we're it's pretty unique in the sense that you know?" said Ty. "Hey you guys have two different visions but y'all have two visions that can come together and create a greater vision and that was that's how it came to be."

So Opelika's Overall Company became a place to meet, to share hot coffee and cool treats.

"We decided to open the coffee shop and my business partners Ty and Ali they focused on the pop sickles and we decided to combine them to and just you know?" said Jay Pritchard. "Do it as the Overall Company focusing on coffee and pops and it just kind of grew organically from there."

The place already had a past and now the Pritchard's and Maloney's would give it a future.

"Pre-Civil War was when this building was built and it was originally an overall factory," said Jay.

Laura Prichard's own history dates back to her teenage years and the search of a perfect cup of coffee.

"At the time there wad nut a lot a coffee culture in Montgomery," said Laura Pritchard. "We're talking about I guess 15 years ago. So, when I got married to Jay our hobby was to travel and go to coffee bars and so we went all over the United States just out of want in sum un to do and look in for a great experience an something exciting and coffee was kind of the new wine and still is. And the romance of coffee is very real to us."

Romance and coffee, conversation and cool blend together at the Overall Company.

"We're at the beginning of something that's really cool and I think it's really fun and I get to be creative every day so I love it," said Laura.

"I believe that when you when you bring back some thin that's been lost it kind of gets the community excited and they'n kindly rally around that," said Jay.

"What we're all truly experts at is celebrating people, and love in people the best we know how," said Ty.

Jay and Laura and Ty and Ali seem to have on a successful combination because coffee and cool and conversation all seem to come together. They're all Southern and overall I'd say it's Absolutely Alabama.

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