WTVM 5/5/14 Editorial: Donald Sterling’s ban from NBA long overdue

WTVM 5/5/14 Editorial: Donald Sterling’s ban from NBA long overdue
Donald Sterling
Donald Sterling

(WTVM) - The vile racism spewed by Donald Sterling, the owner of the L.A. Clippers NBA team, finally gave the NBA commissioner the opportunity to unload on sterling with heavy fines and a lifetime ban.

Even 20 ago, Sterling was trouble for the game: he was slow to pay his NBA bills, he treated his team badly, and he was being sued for discriminatory business practices.

The league made an effort then to push Sterling out but nothing happened. Flash forward to the leak of Sterling's now public racist rants, which finally gave the NBA commissioner plenty of ammunition against Sterling.

This time, this NBA commissioner Adam Silver didn't hesitate. Silver sent a loud and clear message that racism and the NBA cannot co-exist.

Even though the billionaire still owns the team, the NBA can now try to auction it.

What may hurt Sterling the most is the massive blow to his ego; the NBA ban destroys his most cherished status symbol: those center court seats with his mistress at his side.

Adam Silver proved he was the NBA commissioner who would not wait another 20 years to call out Donald Sterling for being a racist bully-and forcing him to get off the court and out of the game for good.

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