WTVM 5/5/14 Editorial: Viewers rebuilding lives and homes after severe weather

WTVM 5/5/14 Editorial: Viewers rebuilding lives and homes after severe weather

(WTVM) - Our shared experience during last week's storms included heavy rains, damaging winds and, for the least lucky of us, life-changing tornadoes like the ones that ripped through Troup County, Smiths Station, Crawford and Salem, Alabama.

Those storms packed winds of 140-miles-per-hour and tore hundreds of lives to shreds.

Almost all the storm victims we spoke with were genuinely grateful they lived to tell the story.

In fact, several families told us our live weather reports and our WTVM severe weather app alerted them to seek shelter. Brian Hall and his family in Salem said they can't hear sirens, so the WTVM weather alerts gave them the warning they didn't get anywhere else.

We are glad to provide weather alerts, but now the victims must all rebuild their lives and it won't be easy.

Luckily, the Crawford Baptist Church stepped up to help, providing temporary shelter to their homeless neighbors.

Crawford Baptist has been a ray of sunshine for storm victims, and they deserve our thanks.

Wells Fargo Bank made a large donation to the Red Cross to help tornado victims in seven states, and if you want to help tornado victims too, you can donate to the Red Cross and specify you want your funds to help tornado victims.

It's a fact that cash donations do the most good in a time of severe need.

We hope you will do what you can to help our Alabama neighbors as they begin to rebuild their lives from the ground up.

Visit this link for information about our mobile apps and severe weather alerts.

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