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Boy, 10, makes progress after gas station shooting


He still can't walk or talk. But Ka'Vyea Curry is making big strides after he was nearly killed in a gas station shooting that took his father's life.

His mother, Tanesha Tyson-Curry, is chronicling her son's progress in his room at Children's Mercy Hospital.

"He's strong. He can do it. He's ready to get up," she said. "He's been flat for two weeks."

K.C. Curry, 34, had driven to a gas station in the 4500 block of Cleveland Avenue to get gas  and snacks for his young son and a 5 year-old boy.

Prosecutors say Dontae D. Jefferson, 27, calmly walked up to the car and fired eight bullets. K.C. Curry died from a gunshot wound to the head while his son suffered life-threatening injuries. The 5-year-old boy was not physically hurt but is undergoing counseling after seeing such traumatic events.

Tanesha has kept vigil by her son's side during all the ups and downs. He has successfully battled collapsed lungs and infection. He just had a little Sprite over the weekend and could soon be sipping soup later this week.

He's now able to express his thoughts via written notes.

"Every time I go out of the room, he writes down, 'Get mom,'" she said.

He also is playing video games with friends and enjoying music. Once he recovers enough to get out of bed, hospital workers will begin the extensive rehabilitation needed to teach him how to walk again. Initially, doctors thought he would be permanently paralyzed but are now hopeful he can walk again.

But there are the tough moments, too. A little boy is now confined to a hospital bed, and he gets sad, withdrawn and unhappy especially over the fact that he can't move his legs and has a trachea tube.

"It's kind of hard to him," Tanesha said.

She's draws comfort in knowing he is improving and is grateful for the overwhelming amount of support.

"I appreciate everything, all the prayers. Prayers help," she said.

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