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US officials release climate report on the effects of global warming

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A federal report was released Tuesday, May 6, on global warming and its impact on certain regions across the country.

An overview of the report says the climate change is already affecting Americans.

The National Climate Assessment, which was mandated by Congress, was written by a 60 person Federal Advisory panel, and guided by more than 300 experts. The data confirms, the primary cause of global warming over the past 50 years is primarily due to human activity.

Harmful activities that contribute to global warming include clearing forests and burning heat trapping gases such as coal, oils, and gas.

More frequent and extreme weather events have been noticed by American's including, prolonged heat waves, droughts, and flooding. Some effects can be beneficial in the short term, for example, longer growing seasons and longer ice-free periods which increases shipping.

However, the negative effects cause longer allergy seasons and more lake effect snowfall.

More detrimental effects are due impart to our society and its infrastructure design. The infrastructure design is based off of the previous climate, not the rapidly changing climate the country is experiencing, and will endure in the future.

The report also says that it's not too late to prevent the worst of the climate change. The White House is using the data to re-ignite efforts to curb harmful greenhouse gases.

To view the report click here

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