Your Voice, Your Vote: Republican U.S. Senate hopefuls weigh in on medical marijuana

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The U.S. Senate race is heating up in Georgia with seven Republican candidates hitting the campaign trail hoping to be the top vote getter.

In our special Your Voice, Your Vote, News Leader 9's Roslyn Giles talked to four of the hopefuls.

We asked the question: "What are your thoughts on using marijuana for medicinal purposes in the state of Georgia?

Candidate Derrick Grayson's response: "An absolute yes…It should not have been a question. However, the way in which the game of politics is constantly played with the lives of people there are folks that attached other things to that bill, causing it to not pass. It's just a shame, but those are the things that the American people are not aware of. They play games with people's lives and they shouldn't."

Candidate Karen Handel's answer: "Well first for viewers to understand that medical marijuana is very different from the actual drug use of marijuana. Fortunately, here in Georgia, the state is really looking

at a way to make it available, especially for those young children who are suffering seizures over and over again during the day. We want to make sure we can use every tool at our disposal to make them as comfortable as possible."

Candidate Paul Broun's response: "Though there are valid uses of marijuana for medical purposes under the direction of a doctor being available for indicated purposes."

Candidate Jack Kingston's answer: "I oppose it. The legislature looked at it this time and voted it down, but we'll let the legislature make that decision."

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