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Alabama steps up efforts to combat illegal moonshine


The Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board has come up with a new game-plan to tackle illegal moonshine.

Sgt. Richard Holston says the agency now has a 7-member Moonshine Task Force team that does nothing but investigate and break-up stills in the state.

A flurry of phone calls to the ABC Board in recent months prompted the agency to start its first ever task force.

"With the new hit show on TV about moonshiners, more people are aware of what a still looks like and so we're getting more calls to check out potential sites," said Holston.

Undercover agents busted up an illegal moonshine operation in mid-April in Lowndes County; 200 gallons of raw moonshine was poured out along with two arrests. Authorities say it was one of the largest seizures ever in Lowndes County.

The ABC Board investigators admitted they'll probably never put the lid on illegal moonshine. However, that is not to say the task force isn't successful.

Case in point: There've been 25 moonshine still break-ups since October between Bullock and Lowndes Counties; more than 447 gallons of moonshine destroyed with a combined street value of more than $13,000. In all 14 people have been charged in connection to the busts.

"I wouldn't say we're fighting a losing battle. It's more of an on-going battle," said Holston.

The Moonshine Task Force recorded its most recent bust last Friday in Bullock County. There have been no arrest so far in that case.


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