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Health Guest: Dr. Peter Seirafi discusses early lung cancer detection and treatment


Lung cancer is the leadingcancer killer in both men and women in the United States, causing more deathsthan colon, breast and pancreatic cancers combined.

Dr. Peter Seirafi, MedicalDirector of Thoracic Surgery and the Lung Cancer Screening Program at ColumbusRegional Medical Center, stopped by the WTVM studio to explain the best way todetect and treat lung cancer early in order to save lives.  

Seirafi says a recent Wall Street Journal article that saysCT scans find more early stage tumors than chest exams is no surprise.

"The key is, if you catch it early, you're able to treat ‘emearlier," says Seirafi. "Better long term survival and better outcomes."

Seirafi says the best chance for surviving early stage lungcancer, for patients who can tolerate it, is surgical resection. For patientswho are not surgical candidates, radiation therapy and chemo therapy are thebest options.

The most important thing, Seirafi says, is to understand that 90 percent of lung cancer is due to tobacco use, while only 10 percent of lung cancers are due to other factors such as family history, asbestos exposure and radon exposure.

Seirafi will be talking more about lung cancer screening atthe 4th Annual John B. Amos Lecture Series. A speaker from DukeUniversity will also be talking about lung cancer screening nationwide. Theevent will take place Thursday, May 15, from noon to 1:30 p.m. at the CSUCunningham Conference Center. For more information, call 706-660-6106.   

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