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Columbus doctor weighs in after deadly virus found in U.S.

A deadly viral illness called MERS has been detected in America for the first time. Now, health officials are working to find out if the virus has spread and where the person got it from.

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is a rare and very dangerous respiratory infection. The CDC reports on Friday May 2, a patient in Munster, Indiana was confirmed to have MERS.
MERS is deadly and untreatable.

"One-third of the people who have had the disease have died from the disease," says Family Physician Dr. Faisel Syed of Midtown Medical Center in Columbus.

Officials in Munster, Indiana report a man arrived in the ER with shortness of breath, a cough and a fever.

Dr. Syed says those are the symptoms of MERS. He also adds the virus is rare.

"There's only been 260 reported cases ever reported," says Dr. Syed.
The virus started in Saudi Arabia just two years ago. The patient is a healthcare worker, and he contracted the disease while in Saudi Arabia, according to officials.

"It's believed to be... Is the camel"

Dr. Syed says he doubts anyone in the Chattahoochee Valley should be concerned with contracting the contagious disease. 

The patient, whose name has not been released,  is in good condition and improving everyday,
and officials report there are no signs the virus has spread to anyone else. 

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