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Relative explains in detail what led to Lumpkin beating death

Rodney Cannon Rodney Cannon

We have new information about what preceded a homicide in Stewart County where five people are accused of killing a man with their bare hands.

Sequarielle Powell said she doesn't condone violence, but she wants the public to know about the incident that made her family angry enough to want revenge.

She said the victim, Rodney Cannon, approached a 14-year-old boy in her family and solicited him for sex.  According to Sequarielle Powell, Cannon was passing the house on Main Street, and when he saw the boy outside, he made a serious inquiry about having intimate relations.

With Cannon's past conviction for attempting to rape a 14-year-old in 1987, Powell said her family wanted to send him a message.

"Nobody deserves death.  I wouldn't wish death on anybody.  My family are not killers, but as parents, our right is to protect our kids by any means necessary.  There's a lot of people that want to agree with it, but don't want to agree.  But it's just the truth.  Nobody intended to kill him," said Sequarielle Powell.

Residents of Lumpkin said the murder has torn apart families that were once close.

Police arrested Brian Lawson, Kimberly Powell Thomas, Deonta Thomas, Jajuan Burks, and Brittany Clark after the attack that occurred on April 29. They were originally charged with aggravated assault, but when Cannon died a week later, their charges have been upgraded to murder. 

The attack occurred outside a home on Liberty Street and a relative found Cannon lying unconscious in the driveway. Cannon died Wednesday at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in Albany. His sister, Latisha Jones, regrets that she never got to say goodbye to him.

"we all love our kids, but sometimes you can't take the law into your own hands.  You have to let the law handle things.  If anything was said that wasn't supposed to have been said, or anything was done that shouldn't have been done,  that's what law enforcement is for.  You go to the law and let them handle it," said Jones.

Jones said she knows all of the suspects well and while they may not have originally set out to kill him, she said they should have known that they were beating him too badly.

"All those people jumping on one person.  Whatever happened, it doesn't take that many people to do anything to anybody. And then they left him out there. They left him for dead. So I would say they meant to kill him. He wasn't moving," said Jones.

This is the second time Jones has abruptly lost one of her brothers in less than five months. In late December, her brother Derrick Cannon was found dead on a street in Cuthbert and the circumstances are still being investigated.

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