MOST WANTED: Joe Morris Bush

Joe Morris Bush (Photo credit: Muscogee County Sheriff's Office)
Joe Morris Bush (Photo credit: Muscogee County Sheriff's Office)

(WTVM) - A man arrested for child molestation is on the run, and Muscogee County Sheriff's officials are asking for your help locating him.

News Leader 9's Semone Doughton has all the details in this week's Most Wanted.

Meet Joe Morris Bush, a 47-year-old man currently on the run. Bush was originally charged with child molestation and because he failed to register as a sex offender, a warrant has now been issued for his arrest.

Muscogee County Sheriff Deputy Jeffrey Hackey says this "no show" attitude among some sex offenders always ends with them back behind bars for simply not following certain rules.

"They have to come up here every year on their birthday, wherever it is that they say they're going to be," Hackey said. "It is where they should be so we can get in contact with them."

Bush stands 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 190 pounds. He has a receding hairline with gray and black hair.

According to Hackey, the area Bush was last spotted in was along Cusseta Road in South Columbus.

By breaking the rules, Hackey says makes the offense even worse.

"Each time that you don't register as you are supposed to or come here and get fingerprinted or anything else that you are supposed to do to keep from violating your order, it's going to take that much longer for you to get off the sex offender status," Hackey said. "So it's best that whatever a judge orders you to do, follow the orders and do them and get your time done so that you can try to get back as much of a normal life as you can."

Police need any information you can offer them regarding the whereabouts of Joe Bush.

All you have to do is call the Sheriff's Office at (706) 653-4225 and remember, your identity will remain anonymous.

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