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Sexual Assault Support Center is hoping to see more victims seek help


The White House kicked off a new website called to fight against sexual assaults on college campuses across the country.

One in five female college students is the victim of sexual assault in college, according to the National Institute of Justice. Vice President Joe Biden spoke on May 6, 2014 about the importance of stopping sexual assaults and college campus rapes.

The website contains information about federal sexual assault laws, provides resources for college students, and even reveals histories of sexual assaults on various college campuses.

"The best part of the website is a list of national hotlines is listed," said Kyle Bair with the Sexual Assault Support Center. "These hotlines then connect the victims to local crisis centers to provide them with immediate help."

Bair said it's important to see the government step up to fight against sexual assaults.

"It brings more attention to the issue," Bair said. "I respect Joe Biden. We wouldn't have violence against women funding without him. I support programs that will benefit sexual assault victims."

Bair said the center works closely with Columbus State University. Sexual Assault and Violence Education Task Force, also known as SAVE task force is available to CSU college students, if they ever need guidance and help.

"We usually provide service to the high school age group…those who are 14 to 17 years old," Bair said. "However, I have seen more victims in the college age group in my first quarter reporting of 2014. From January to March of this year, we saw more victims who are 18-24 years old. Studies say average victim is 16 to 24 years of age."

Bair said victims of sexual assault should seek help from local sexual assault centers. The Sexual Assault Support Center provides free help and services to those who need them.

"With the government stepping in and doing more campaigns, I'm hoping it will encourage more victims to seek help," Bair said. "Sexual assault traumas can lead to various issues like, eating disorders, mental health issues, addiction issues and more. They often feel alone, but there are resources and help out there." provides resources and national hotlines for everyone to utilize. People can reach the Sexual Assault Support Center in Columbus by calling the number: 706-221-1033

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