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SPECIAL REPORT: How to Get A Secure Password

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One in five adults have had an email or social networking account taken over or used without permission, according to the Pew research, but there are some programs out there to help you manage staying secure and simple.

For instance, 1password, works just like the name.

Larry Taghon from Graphicom explained how you pick one password and then let the computer handle it.

"That way I have to remember one password to get into that program and it's remembering the rest of them for me," Taghon said. 

Taghon said having a hard-to-crack password should not be an option, it should be a necessity, especially with computer dangers like the Heartbleed bug that allowed hackers to have free range of millions of passwords, credit card numbers and other personal information.

"The biggest mistake people make is they don't use very secure passwords," Taghon said. "It seems like every year the most popular password is 'password.' One of the best ways to come up with a hard password is to mix up the way you spell things out like use a number one instead of the letter "I" or the number 5 instead of an "S."

If you like to change your password once a month, like many corporate companies, stop racking your brain for a combination.

"There are also a lot of password generators," Taghon said. "I know in the mac it's built into the operating system. It's ok to use one password, just make sure its hard to crack where I can have the computer generate a very secure password."

Daphne Hill knows all about technology.

She was a computer programmer for 25 years and worked for Aflac and Tsys.

Now Hill has her own bridal boutique, Daphne's Bridal Boutique.

She said many entrepreneurs are so worried about numbers, letters and symbols, they forget about workers.

"In this business you have to secure your people as well and make sure they are following procedures to protect our customer," Hill explained.

Although technology has been a big part of her life she admits she's not the biggest fan of it and is a true believer of having three backups and still writes information out by hand.

"We definitely still use paper," Hill said. 

Hill appreciates how times have changed and she can reach customers easily with the Internet.

"We are able to use text messages, we are able to use emails, Facebook and all of the social media so it's a quick way of reaching someone when you need to," Hill said. 

The good comes with the bad because hackers take advantage of people with bad habits like using public WiFi without making sure it's legitimate, but tech experts say if you keep your guard up and know the importance of a secure password you should be safe.

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