Absolutely Alabama: Pringle Hauling

Absolutely Alabama: Pringle Hauling

LOWNDES COUNTY, AL (WXTX) - A lot of little kids might wish to be a cowboy when they grow up, but for the Pringles family in Lowndes County it's not just a wish, it's a destiny.

We took a look at how they live, work and play. It isn't just a job, it's a way of life and it's Absolutely Alabama.

"It's a hundred percent of my life. It's got a be in your blood," said Thomas Pringle with Pringle Hauling. "You don't just wake up one morning and put on a pair a blue jeans and a pair a boots and a hat and say you're a cowboy. This is just some thin that, like I said it's pretty much bred in us. My dad done it and I brought Randall up in it. Randall's bringing Tuff up in it so I mean this is prob'ly gone a be our way of life from now on."

Meet the Pringles: Thomas Jr., his brother Randall and Randall's son Tuff. Cowboys one and all, and not the kind who just woke up one morning and put on a pair of blue jeans, boots and hats and said they were.

"We started off run in those momma cows and helping other people around our area in Lowndes County, ahm, catchin' cows that couldn't be caught," explained Randall Pringle. "That was my thrill, catchin' wild cows, that's my specialty any cow that can't be caught they call me to do it so."

"Me and two a my uncles and my brother, ah, we've got about 800 and so acres that we farm in right now and we do in pretty good with it and I'm work in for different people do in a bunch a day work every day so," Randall added. "Had a son. He's 7-years-old now so I come off the road and wanted to stay around the house a little bit and that got me back into ranch in."

Which brings us to Randall's son, Tuff. Tuff didn't have much to say to us. Sort of the strong, silent type.

"He's a good hand, ah, to be a 7-year-old kid he rides a horse pretty good," Randall said. "He actually bull rides, calf rides really, calf and sheep ride and, ah, he done pretty in that so he's a he's a hand outside."

In this life you're judged by how well you ride and how hard you work. So when the day's work is done, what do you do for fun? Cowboy some more, of course.

"My theory is if you get up early in the morn in half a the day you through," Thomas said. "You know? Lunch time we in go team rope."

"You got a want a do it. You got a have the drive," Randall explained. "If you don't want a do it this is not the job for you. Ahm, you may just need to make pay check. This ain't the job to make a paycheck on."

If it's part of your life hit a home run. You know ah?  If you can live without it and it ain't some thin you just want a take a roll a the dice say that's some thin I might want a do, don't step to the plate," Thomas said. "Tho' in all you chips or put em in your pocket, one a the two. Don't bet half of it."

"We'll carry on this same land that we stand in on and, ah, and the cattle that here we'll trade cattle from now on and Tuff'll probably carry the same thing on from throughout his life, maybe with his kids," Randall said.

Randall and Tuff and Thomas, father and son and brother. Cowboys and family and a tradition of work and play which is Absolutely Alabama.

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