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Ft. Benning MCoE experimenting with new military technology


The Maneuver Center of Excellence and the Maneuver Battlelab are experimenting with a new piece of technology as part of their missionto ensure soldiers' continued success in military operations against anythreat.

The Small Unit leader Situational Awareness Tool (SULSAT) isa lightweight, inexpensive, tactical handheld viewer which receives real-timevideo and imagery from multiple unmanned ground and aerial systems.

Officialssay the device is intended to give small unit leaders improved situational awareness,decision making and increased mission command effectiveness by assessing thebattle field from a safe distance.

"It's important to the Army, because we're trying to see wecan give the leadership of the platoon or squad a little bit more situationalawareness of what's happening around them to better paint the picture on thebattlefield," explains SSG Vincent Kelly.

The goal of an experiment with SULSAT on Tuesday, May 13,was to assess and recommend improvements to the prototype.

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