MCSD to change, eliminate jobs in all departments

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - The Muscogee County School District is responding to decreased funding from the state of Georgia, and one of the ways they're meeting the challenge is by reorganizing their employees.

Notices are going out to teachers this week and other personnel will receive theirs in the near future.

"Every department and division is touched throughout the reorganization plan," said district spokesperson, Valerie Fuller.

The state has steadily decreased funding of the district over time to a level where it needs to be addressed immediately.   The superintendent said his plan to reorganize personnel comes in place of furlough days that will decrease the total salary of every district employee.

"The superintendent is really clear about the fact that he wants to be transparent with the community, to let them know and keep them informed about what's happening," said Fuller.

But according to District administration, it's not just about saving money.   The actions being taken coincide with the Superintendent's vision to improve the quality of the teaching and 'right-size' the district so they can eventually start giving out cost-of-living raises to employees- something that hasn't happened since 2009.

Fuller said, "...making sure that wherever we have overages, that we are spending each dollar effectively and efficiently, so where we can be more efficient, he's placing people in those roles, basically now people are doing more with less."

Another goal of this reorganization is to make sure every teacher is certified in the subject they're responsible for instructing.

"There are no promises made to anyone of course, but making sure that you have the most effective teacher- certified teachers- who are teaching our students in the classroom because that's the heart: our core mission is academics.   There are a number of positions, whether it's the central office, whether it's at the schools, support staff, all clerical and administrative..."

Some staff will be reassigned to different jobs and some will be let go altogether.   The district says that after they sort things out, they'll be able to promise employees that there will be much less need for this type of widespread action in the future, but it will always be announced with plenty of notice.

We'll learn the total number of jobs that will be affected in an announcement on June 2.

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