Colin Martin: court clerk physically attacked for support

Vivian Bishop says a man grabbed her arm and threatened her at a campaign event.
Vivian Bishop says a man grabbed her arm and threatened her at a campaign event.

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Mayoral candidate Colin Martin claims a municipal court clerk in Columbus was attacked for supporting him.

"Vivian Bishop is here tonight…two nights ago, she was attacked, physically attacked by a supporter of Mayor Teresa Tomlinson for supporting me and had to call Secret Service. This has gotten out of hand," Martin said at the NAACP political forum on May 15.

Vivian Bishop, wife of Georgia Congressman Sanford Bishop, was attending an event Tuesday night for Rep. Carolyn Hugley. That's where she says a man approached her, pulled her arm and threatened her if she voted for Martin.

Bishop contacted the Secret Service and they recommend she file a police report against her accused attacker. She also filed for a temporary restraining order. On May 28, there will be a hearing to decide if that restraining order should become permanent.

News Leader 9 contacted incumbent Mayor Teresa Tomlinson for comment. She responded via text message:

"I have no idea what he is talking about. I have heard nothing about it and have no campaign worker that's been involved in any such thing. 

I'm stunned by that report. Vivian and Doug have known each other for years and Doug is a staunch supporter of Sanford's I can't imagine what their Interaction was about, but I cannot fathom it had any thing to do with me or my campaign. 

You are correct that he is not a campaign worker nor has he been involved in the campaign. Again, I can't fathom this has anything to do with the campaign or me. 

You will have to confer with Mr. Mccloud about the allegations against him. It's odd he is not being asked and some how our positive and clean campaign is being invoked. 

I was with Sanford today. We had a long and pleasant conversation about several topics we are working on and he didn't mention a word of this."

Bishop's accused attacker has not been formally charged.

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