Columbus teachers kiss pig after students reach fundraising goal

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Students at one Columbus elementary school are being praised for raising money for kids with cancer.

Students at River Road Elementary raised $1,931.54 for kids with leukemia for the organization Pennies for Patients, surpassing their goal of $800. Because they reached their goal, the fifth grade teachers agreed to kiss a pig!

Principal Philip Bush was talked into giving the pig a smooch as well by students at the assembly.

Tiffany Isabel, fifth grade teacher and Student Council Representative at River Road, said this is the first year their school has held this fundraiser.

"In the past we've done other charities but this time we were contacted by Pennies for Patients, so we decided to join in," Isabel said. "Our school is learning about compassion and how to give back to others."

Isabel also said the boys competed against the girls in the fundraiser. The boys won, raising $998.44 and the girls raised $933.10.

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