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31 inducted into OCS Hall of Fame at NIM


It was a proud day at the National Infantry Musuem as 31 current and former members of the military were inducted into the OCS Hall of Fame.

All of the inductees are graduates of the officer candidate school at Fort Benning, and all were recognized for outstanding service to the country both inside and outside of the military.

The officers honored Monday are as follows:

MG (R ) Gerard P. Brohm

MG Burton K. Francisco

BG William R. Bond

BG Guy T. Cosentino

COL (R ) Michael J. Bendick Jr.

COL (R ) Patrick J. Bennett

COL Pharisse Berry

COL James M. Brandon

COL Donald L. Bray

COL Dennis C. Brown

COL Dean E. Bushnell

COL Randall W. Cowell

COL (R ) Patrick Devine

COL (R ) Andrew J. Frank

COL Patrick E. Gallagher

COL Frances A. Hardison

COL Jeffrey E. Jennings

COL (R ) Jeffrey W. Nelson

COL (R ) Mitchell G. Passini

COL Billingsley G. Pogue III

LTC John Aulbach

LTC (R ) Kent A.D. Clark

LTC Jacob D. Kulzer

MAJ (R ) Audis B. Garner

CPT William D. Swenson

1LT (R ) Jay A. Benesh

1LT (R )  John E. McLaughlin

1LT (R )  Jean E. Rydstrom

1LT (R )  Arlan Smith

1LT (R ) Gary R. Steger

1LT (R ) Rufus C. Phillips III

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