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Muscogee County School Board unanimously approves entire agenda


The Muscogee County School Board made several decisions Monday night, May 19, that impact students and teachers throughout the district.

Every item on their agenda was approved unanimously without a single dissenting vote. 

The Board discussed the impending reorganization and reduction of force, and the plan they intend to implement will take into consideration the qualification and certification of teachers. 

State law prohibits the board from making their decision based on length of service alone. They're hoping that they can solve as many problems as possible by working around transfers, retirement, reassignment and natural attrition of employees.  They are aiming to make a minimal negative impact on academics and stay within the boundaries of rules for required programs.

The decision to sell the now vacant Daniel Center on Manchester Expy, will bring in about one point two million dollars.  Board member Wells applauded the Superintendent's decision, citing the unwanted cost of owning an empty building, the threat of vandalism and eliminating an eyesore in the community.

The price of school lunches will go up by five cents, as required by federal law, but the price of events, namely high school football games, will decrease by several dollars. 

Students at South Columbus Elementary School will now wear uniforms.  And elementary school students district-wide will now be taught math with enVision, a program similar to the well received Reading Wonders program.

Superintendent Lewis also responded to board member Green's question about how the District will react to the new Georgia Gun Law. He wanted to make it clear that traditional school employees will not be armed. He says he is not opposed to having people with the right training carrying guns on school campuses.

"We do not have teachers, we are not going to have custodians, we are not going to have principals at this point in time… Packing heat," Lewis said.

He asked the State for more clarity on the finer points of the law, and he is awaiting their answer before making a decision about how the district will operate under the new guidelines.

Lewis said there are no updates at this time on jobs that are going to change or disappear. He says there will be solid figures on June 2, and a final answer on the District's take on the new gun law sometime in the near future.

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